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Shapes of Gravity


A meeting on the foundations of quantum gravity
A conference to bring together experts from a diverse set of approaches attempting to describe the very origins of space, time and gravity, and their possible cosmological implications.
Confirmed Speakers

Enrique Alvarez

Jan Ambjørn

Julian Barbour

Eugenio Bianchi

Steven Carlip

Bianca Dittrich

Luis Garay

Henrique Gomes

Giulia Gubitosi

Bei-Lok Hu

Tim Koslowski

Guillermo Mena Marugán

Flavio Mercati

Daniele Oriti

Roberto Percacci

Frank Saueressig

Thomas Sotiriou

Gerard 't Hooft

Enric Verdaguer

Conference Organisers

Sean Gryb

Mercedes Martin-Benito

Renate Loll


For titles and abstracts, see the Programme page. The workshop programme is available on the Workshop page.


Recordings of all talks are now available on the conference YouTube channel.

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